Small business minister in new probe

Griffiths has been accused of breaking House of Commons rules over a deal where he bought his Edinburgh South constituency office with an inheritance and then charged the taxpayer rent for the property. The cash – Pounds 10,000 a year – was used to support his autistic sister Hilary in special accommodation.

The minister also faces allegations over his failure to declare Pounds 1,300 a year from fellow Scottish parliament member Angus Mackay to use storage space in the premises.

Griffiths has asked the Commons Fees Office and Registrar of MPs Interests to investigate. He is confident that all is above board.

Last week Griffiths was cleared by Commons standards commissioner Elizabeth Filkin of misusing taxpayers money by using his constituency office for political purposes.

Westminster insiders say that if Griffiths is not cleared he would be forced out of government for the second time.


MP cleared of public funds misuse

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