Beevers & Struthers secures £230,000 grant for wood business

Accountancy firm Beevers & Struthers has saved over 40 jobs at
Bolton-based Dresser Mouldings after securing a £230,000 grant from the
Northwest Regional Development Agency.

The company will use the money to acquire the productive assets and workforce
of Rochdale’s Timbmet saving 22 jobs and securing the future of Dresser
Mouldings’ 19 full time staff.

“Our team specialises in seeking and securing funding for small and
medium-sized businesses so we were delighted to help prepare the business plan
and manage the submission to source the funding from the NWDA that allowed
Dresser to achieve its ambitious expansion plans,’ said Beevers & Struthers
head of grants John Jones. “The key was finding the right grant to meet the
client’s needs and to then work closely with the NWDA to provide the necessary
information to support the application.”

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