Peoplesoft turns vigilant for management tools

PeopleSoft said the alliance will enable customers to combine the companies’ products and build systems that alert employees and suppliers to unexpected events and take corrective action throughout the supply chain.

Examples would be identifying a halt in production or a dip in inventory level, and then finding a new source for materials.

While the companies’ products are available separately as part of the alliance, PeopleSoft said it is working to make it easier for customers to implement both solutions together.

According to analysts, combining such capabilities with its existing products could boost PeopleSoft’s standing as it continues to battle for sales with Oracle and SAP. ‘This deal could develop into a market differentiator for PeopleSoft but we will have to wait and see how well it manages to execute,’ said Karen Peterson, vice president and research director at Gartner Research.

Vigilance’s supply chain event management will sit on top of PeopleSoft’s existing supply chain management applications enabling the system to deal with events as they occur rather than just reporting on them.

This capability is becoming increasingly popular, according to analysts.

‘This is very new, but Oracle has elements of this in its workflow offerings, and SAP has some of this capability in beta at the moment,’ explained Peterson.

But the deal between PeopleSoft’s supply chain management division, led by general manager Mike Fransden and Vigilance, could also be a relatively short one. ‘These partnerships do not usually last long. PeopleSoft could develop or acquire its own event management offering,’ said Peterson.

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