ICAS expells disqualified FD

Nicola Jane Devin, of Choicelee Farm, Duns, Berwickshire, who had acted as finance director of Computer Graphic Centre under her maiden name of Dunbar, was made bankrupt in 1999 after the DTI had banned her from being a company director for eight years.

The ICAS Discipline Committee said the DTI decision to disqualify Dunbar left it with no option but to expel her from the institute.

Separately, ICAS has withdrawn the practising certificate of John Cunningham following concerns over his practice, River Marais of Kilmalcom, Renfrewshire.

The move followed the earlier suspension of his certificate in November 2000 while further investigations were carried out. In January 2001 the institute’s discipline committee heard that Cunningham had failed to attend to clients’ affairs and, in particular, that he had failed to make statutory returns on behalf of two client companies.

A spokesperson for ICAS said: ‘Mr Cunningham was given every opportunity to co-operate with the Investigation Committee to help with his case and overturn the initial suspension. However, he failed to do so and, in order to protect the public interest, we have withdrawn his Practising Certificate, thus making him ineligible to practise as a Chartered Accountant.’

ICAS has also suspended Alastair Graham Ross of Northampton who failed to confirm he had professional indemnity insurance ‘run off’ cover. The institute said it had made repeated requests for Ross to confirm that the cover, which is required when a member ceases to practice, was in place.

The spokesperson said: ‘Mr Ross has continually failed to provide the institute with the necessary reassurances that are required in situations like this. We cannot allow practising members to cease practising without the proper provision for former clients.’

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