Cardiff City faces second-round clash with HMRC

Cardiff City is facing the threat of a second winding-up order from the
taxman because of an unpaid tax bill.

After being hit with a petition on 23 December, the Welsh club will face a
winding-up order in the High Court on 10 February if they do not pay up,

Cardiff City had a previous winding-up order from HMRC dismissed by the High
Court last month after coming to an agreement with the taxman.

Chairman Peter Ridsdale said in a statement: “In discussions with HMRC at the
end of December 2009, we confirmed that we would pay monies owing to them by the
end of January 2010.

“HMRC booked a backstop date of 10 February 2010 to go back to court if for
any reason we had not been able to fulfil our obligations to pay by the end of

“We have every confidence that all monies owing to HMRC will have been repaid
by the end of January.”

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