You missed out a tiddler[QQ] Your analysis of football clubs in administration this season (The good, the bad and the ugly, 18 May, p14) missed one! By comparison with Crystal Palace, it may only have been a tiddler, but Crawley Town FC in the Doctor Marten’s League went into administration in August and was sold and refinanced in October. This swift action resulted in a moribund team, which was bottom of the league on administration, finishing at the halfway mark and rising. A hundred-year history, a #5m stadium and considerable local support augurs well for its future and I predict the club will become a new force to be reckoned with. Malcolm P Fillmore, Crawley Why should we pay more? I read with interest your article (Rover’s return, 18 May, p6) regarding the work done by Deloittes for Phoenix. In a year’s time, assuming all is running to plan, I wonder how many clients will be willing to pay for months of work at full rates to close a deal when the cut to the chase, 10 day approach gets the job done at a fraction of the cost ? Eleanor Greene, Southampton Millennium bug misses Regarding your story (Millennium bug hits 90,000 taxpayers, 18 May, p1), we are year 2000 compliant and we have not been ‘hit’ by a millennium bug. Each year we rewrite our software to capture the updated version of the tax return. This year was no exception. We have experienced some problems getting this software to run on new Y2K compliant systems, which has delayed our normal release date. We will, however, be able to capture 1999/2000 tax returns next month and people will have statements in their hands well in advance of the 31 January 2001 payment date. Our offices are able to deal with urgent repayment cases and they are doing so. Nicola Walters, director of communications, Inland Revenue Are we being forced out to try new visas? Given this government’s stance on the new turnover tax for IT professionals and the fact that many are leaving the country in droves, myself amongst them, it would surely be better for the government to place its recruitment advertising overseas. Then it would be able to ensure that any suitable applicant could be given one of its new fast-track visas. What is it doing!? Steve Alan, Peterborough All letters should be sent to: The Editor, Accountancy Age, VNU House, 32-34 Broadwick Street, London W1A 2HG Tel: 020 7316 9236 Fax: 020 7316 9250 Or e-mail us on: Accountancy Age reserves the right to edit letters for space or clarity. Please include your title, company name and a daytime telephone number.

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