IT salaries soar

Salaries paid to IT consultants and staff continue to soar, according to research from Computer Futures. The salary survey, conducted among 1,931 professionals, recorded a 5.92 percent rise on a quarter to quarter basis. Rises as high as 20 percent were registered in some cases.

Russell Clements, Computer Futures director said: “Manufacturers are still committed to investing in technology to gain competitive advantage despite, or even because of, the current economic climate. The financial services industry has always led the way with technological investments.

Contracting is commonplace and as companies struggle to retain staff on a permanent basis, salaries will continue to rise at staggering rates.”

Salaries will also rise for those with premium technology skills. “Companies need to take a pragmatic view of IT recruitment in order to control salary inflation. Instead of looking for oven-ready candidates, companies should consider cross training staff to teach new skills.”

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