Institute insists new training packs will be ready by autumn.

The English ICA last week pledged to deliver its new ACA qualification and in-house training materials by 1 September ready for the autumn intake of students. Dismissing cynicism as to whether the training packs would be ready on time, the institute’s executive director of education and training, Brian Chiplin, told the institute’s ruling council: ‘I’m confident this is a new way of working with students, clients and tutors. We hope to be 99.9% right.’ The institute was hit in January by the defection by Ernst & Young to the Scots ICA for training its new intake. PricewaterhouseCoopers has also said it will use the Scottish institute for some of its new joiners. Chiplin said the six new training packs developed by the English ICA will all be ready for incoming trainees. The institute has historically outsourced the production of study packs to training providers such as BPP and ATC. Chiplin said he had received positive feedback on the new materials and that the marketplace had begun to regain confidence in the institute. Defections to the Scots ICA

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