Revenue slammed for pensioners policy

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group of the Chartered Institute of Taxation highlighted the unsatisfactory level of service offered by the Revenue and said it did not expect the situation to improve with current policies.

LITRG’s Pensioners Panel said: ‘Tax offices are frequently not meeting the high standards set out in the Revenue’s published Service Commitment.

‘Many expressions of dissatisfaction with Revenue customer service are not identified as complaints. Thus the taxpayer does not receive the proper treatment laid down in Revenue guidelines for responding to complaints.’

In a written statement the group also claimed that one pensioner had been told they would continue to be sent a self-assessment form if they ‘lived to 120’.

‘Most older people seem unaware of the standard of service that they may expect from the Revenue,’ said LITRG chairman John Andrews.

‘Many are ignorant of their right to complain when things go wrong, or unwilling to complain for fear of being perceived as a trouble-maker,’ he added.

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