Taking Stock Budget Special – Fantasy Budget.

Budget time means only one thing to Taking Stock readers: Accountancy Age’s Fantasy Budget. This year’s prize is bigger than ever – £100 of theatre vouchers to be used anywhere in the country. If you are a clairvoyant or the chancellor of the exchequer you should stand a good chance. For the rest of you, good luck. The deadline is 1pm on Tuesday 21 March. Either enter through our website at or by fax on 020 7316 9250. On Tuesday will the chancellor: 1. Close inheritance tax loopholes: YES NO 2. Cut betting tax: YES NO 3. Increase duty on beer: YES NO 4. Abolish stamp duty for shares: YES NO 5. Increase stamp duty on properties worth £250,000+: YES NO 6. Allow carry back and forward of pension contributions: YES NO 7. Widen the 10% tax band: YES NO 8. Introduce a health service tax: YES NO 9. Reduce NI for share options to benefit e-biz companies: YES NO 10. Scrap future Budgets with immediate effect: YES NO Tie breaker The chancellor will speak for … mins … secs Name: Qual: Organisation: Address: Postcode: Tel: Fax back form to 020 7316 9250 by 1pm, Tuesday 21 March.

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