PKF adds to anti-MTIC statements

PKF has added itself to the list of firms condemning MTIC fraud.

In a statement, the mid-tier firm said that it ‘has and always will take all
available measures to work only with legitimate businesses and traders in supply

The statement is part of a move by HMRC to try and shutdown the frauds by
co-opting those who may help the fraudsters by supplying services to them.

Ian Mills, senior partner at PKF, said: ‘PKF condemns MTIC fraud and will
continue to maintain a high level of awareness of it amongst its clients and
potential clients. Businesses that act to protect themselves from possible
involvement and VAT-cashflow difficulties will help to reduce the scope for MTIC
fraud in the UK.

‘Our client’s best interests are only served if we can help them minimise the
risk of being unwittingly involved in a supply chain that has fallen victim to
MTIC fraud. PKF will alert clients who are particularly susceptible in order to
raise their awareness of the potential risks and help those that have been
unwittingly involved overcome any cashflow difficulties that this may trigger.’

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