Sage bid further spices up its record share price performance

A survey by Primark Datastream found that a £100 investment in Sage shares in 1990 is now worth a cool £2.8m.

The Newcastle-based company said its share price surge was due to ‘the ever increasing demand for computer and internet businesses’ and explained word of mouth among the small business community was the initial springboard for success.

A Sage spokeswoman, added: ‘We have been caught up in the wave of the technology share price boom which has taken place over the last year. We have made three large acquisitions this year (Peachtree, Tetra and Taxsoft) which have helped, while joining the FTSE 100 index in September has also helped our shares.’

The best performing shares of the 1980s were from the Polly Peck empire which increased 125,000% before collapsing.

Meanwhile Sage confirmed it was ‘considering making a cash bid’ for rival software provider Pegasus following a bid by Australian software group Solution 6.


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