Accountants prefer UK holidays

A straw poll by mid-tier accountancy firm PKF revealed that of 228 polled, 16% would be zipping off down to the sunny climes of Devon and Cornwall.

Hoteliers will be delighted the palm trees and outdoor pools of the English Riviera are back in fashion.

The southwest’s tourist industry has, over the past few decades, been severely damaged by recession, the popularity of foreign holidays and more recently foot-and-mouth.

But before Basil Fawlty reopens his guest house, other foreign destinations remain popular. These include the United States and Canada with 12% and the Greek Islands with 11%. The remaining responses were divided around the world.

Melvin Gold, managing director of PKF’s hotel consultancy services, said: ‘This is fabulous news for the hospitality industry and hopefully indicative of a trend throughout the UK. It is especially heart-warming to see such support in view of the ongoing foot and mouth crisis.’

All we can hope for now as always is that the good weather holds out. Otherwise accountants could find themselves hoisting their brollies on the beach.


PKF website

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