Taking Stock – LSCA man’s singin’ the blues.

Clapton will be giving up touring while he devotes his energies to work in the interest of chartered accountants across the capital. The guitars go in their cases, off to the garage goes the tour bus as Clapton concentrates on accountancy.

Er, this isn’t quite the case. We seem to have confused the society’s new chairman Richard Joseph with the great man. Despite many similarities it is a fair bet to say they’re using different stylists (see picture above).

Joseph, inspired by Tommy ‘Little White Bull’ Steele in the late 50s, says he is obsessed with guitars and rock music, but not to the exclusion of what’s really important.

In a statement kicking off his period as leader of the gang, Joseph said: ‘Accountancy and pop music are my twin passions, but I now see my priority as acting as advocate for London’s accountants.’

We wonder if ‘Strings’, as we shall now affectionately refer to Joseph, will be flogging tickets to gigs while on duty as chairman. Like all pop stars he’ll have to get used to a little shameless self promotion. Strings has played in rock, blues and country bands but for the next 12 months, he’ll be playing by numbers only.

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