Taking Stock – Twickenham accountant gets a little bit cheeky.

‘Most accountants’ idea of stripping is to take their tie off,’ John Pitman told the Channel 5 programme Naked London a couple of weeks ago. Not so the 70-year-old himself. The chartered accountant, naturist and occasional artist’s model appeared on the programme in all his glory. It all started last July when Taking Stock described how New York photographer Greg Friedler was looking for models for his latest book Naked London. John was featured – prominently – on the TV programme. He will also appear in the book when it is published in March. The TV crew came to see John in his Twickenham office. ‘They took pictures of me at my desk with the ranks of income tax, company and insolvency Acts behind me,’ he said before being summoned to the ‘studio’, above a London pub. Then came the unveiling of the photos themselves. So what did John think? ‘I’ve seen myself in a full-length mirror and I didn’t look any different,’ he said before adding with an understandable amount of vanity: ‘I think it could have been a better picture.’ So any regrets? ‘It was great fun,’ he told TS. ‘And I’ve not had any letters from clients saying “I’ll never use you again.”‘

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