Taking Stock – A good head for music.

TS has always loved a ‘hard news story’, but the desk was buzzing when it heard that Bob Head, the former FD of online bank, egg, and now the chief executive of the Co-op’s online rival smile – used to play in a band subtly called ‘The Dildos’.

Head, who has taken his fair share of ribbing over the years due to his wondrous surname, is understood to be a massive fan of Frank Zappa and Talking Heads. And as it turns out, he was also a massive fan of the punk music scene of the late 70s and early 80s. So much so, in fact, that with the likes of the Stiff Little Fingers and Sham 69 leading the movement, Head and his crew decided to adopt a name of similar overtures (this is the most delicate way we could put it).

It is not yet clear how successful the band was, but TS is led to believe Head was never asked to quit his day job.

TS wonders whether it is any coincidence that a man of Head’s reputation and experience doesn’t have an office – but instead resides at a desk located in a drafty corridor at smile’s building in Stockport.

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