Taxman and chancellor urged to speak to Europe

In an interview to mark the start of his presidency, John Cullinane said the
degree of discussion between HM Revenue & Customs and tax authorities in the
US, Canada and Australia was more than that between HMRC and European tax

Referring to Marks & Spencer’s litigation over group relief claims,
Cullinane said that EU member states could have co-operated: ‘With complicated
company structures, it’s not always clear which country stumps up the group
relief. Who pays out? Member states could get together.’

Large-scale litigation in Europe has proved a major headache for the taxman.
‘I have no problem with the fact that HMRC collaborates with other Revenue
authorities. But the co-operation seems to be about avoidance. We could do
something solid here to clarify matters for business,’ said Cullinane.

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