ICAS shifts focus internationally

ICAS chief executive Anton Colella has launched a strategy will see the
institute place a far greater focus on its international brand and serving
members working abroad.

The strategy, dubbed ‘Cleary Ahead’ was unveiled this week and signals a
renewed focus on the international dimension business is taken on and how the
institute can best serve its members in this context.

‘We have 17,000 members, and 5,000 of those members work in England alone.
Business is becoming global and we want to serve our members in this
international environment,’ said Colella.

As part of the strategy ICAS will focus on forging links with other
institutes in order to develop an infrastructure for ICAS members based in other
countries. The institute has already reached an agreement with a body in
Luxembourg and in talks with the Chinese institute, CICPA.

ICAS is also in discussions with universities in the US about the possibility
of rolling out the CA qualification there.

Colella said ICAS would be investing in protecting and developing the CA
brand as the best business qualification in the world.

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