Government websites in hate mail attack

The sites in question were the regional site for North East Lincolnshire, at, and South Tyneside’s council site at

In a rather touching move, the intruders dedicated the hacks to their girlfriends, and then proceeded to rant about freedom of information and peace on Earth.

They ended their hack with: ‘Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Serbia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, Peru, Myanmar, Brazil, Philippines, Palestine, India, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Turkey, Algeria, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Chechnya r places where freedom is a dream, open your eyes, open your mind, wake up, and all toghether we’ll turn freedom from dream 2 reality. You can agree with us or not. If you agree with us let diffuse this message 2 make our ideas become everybody’s ideas (sic).’

Both sites have since been repaired, but the recent spate of government sites hit have turned the e-envoy’s words of warning to hackers into nothing more than a hollow threat. The government will have to try harder if ‘people should feel that government is secure and cannot be brought down’.


UK’s new e-envoy looks to the future

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