Group A – Robson Rhodes looks to Europe

Group A member Robson Rhodes is understood to be forming a management committee with French firm Salustro Reydel and Germany’s Haarmann Hemmelrath.

Sources close to the firm told Accountancy Age the committee will run the firm, but did not know if a new name will be adopted. The firms are partners in RSM international, which had fee income last year of $364.5m (#225m).

The move is seen as a defensive measure against a fall in fee income which saw UK partner pay slip from an average #80,000 to #60,000 last year. Some UK partners are fighting to keep control over Robsons’ affairs, but managing partner Chris Connor wants a full commitment to the new committee.

A Robsons spokesman said RSMi members wanted to best meet clients’ needs.

‘If that involves changing the legal structure, then that is a possibility we are happy to explore.’

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