ACCA – Brockwell faces EGM challenge

Dissident ACCA members are planning to call an extraordinary general meeting to force out the new president and his deputy and curb the use of proxy votes to decide the outcome of council elections.

Former council member Anthony Thomas who is collecting signatures to requisition an egm, said: ‘I think the time has come for ACCA to be more democratic and accountable. This will probably only be achieved by an egm.’

He wants to table two issues: a vote of no-confidence in the two officers; and the removal of the president’s delegated proxy vote. Thomas said the use of proxy votes had led to an inexperienced council. Twenty of the 34 members had beenon the council for less than five years, he said.

More continuity was essential, said Thomas. It was important to have experienced council members in order to hold the ACCA’s paid executive properly to account.

As the crisis at ACCA deepened, the association issued its first detailed statement about the sacking of president-elect Ray Gardiner three weeks ago on the eve of its agm.

An announcement posted on ACCA’s website last week said Gardiner had ‘indicated a failure to appreciate that ACCA’s officers must uphold the integrity of the disciplinary process’.

Gardiner was replaced at the agm by his intended deputy John Brockwell and Moyra Kedslie became his deputy.

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