Darling denies pleas for non-dom delay

Calls to delay the changes to non-dom taxation have been rebuffed by
chancellor Alistair Darling, as he yesterday refused to bow to pressure to make
further climb downs.

‘We have got a consultation, which is running until the end of February, and
obviously I must listen to what people have got to say. But frankly once you’ve
decided on a policy, to start looking at delaying it doesn’t help anyone at
all,’ Darling told the BBC.

The chancellor said the policy of levying a £30,000 charge on non-doms who
had been in the UK for more than seven years was fair, and said the
‘clarification’ of draft legislation over how accrued gains in off-shore trusts
would be taxed was a reasonable response to concerns in the City

Business has vowed to continue pushing for change ahead of the March 12
Budget, and is expected to lobby aggressively to change the Treasury decision to
tax capital realised in off-shore trusts.

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