Council tax to rise more than 10%

Link: Lib Dems urge greater taxes on the rich

The survey, carried out in two thirds of all local authorities in England and Wales, revealed in England, council tax will rise an average of 12.9%, whilst increases in Wales will average 10% and in Scotland, just 4%.

London’s inhabitants will see the highest average council tax rates, with 17.9% the steepest rise in the country. The council with the biggest proposed tax rise is expected to be Wandsworth, where residents could face paying 45% more.

Taxes in the South East will rise 16% whilst in the North East, increases will only be 8.7%. The figures reflect the government’s new funding formula, which redistributes money from richer areas in the South to more disadvantaged areas in the Midlands and the North.

CIPFA chief executive Steve Freer said: ‘The pattern of increases is heavily influenced by the new grant formula and by the pressure from government to “passport” resources directly to schools.’

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