Infor attacks SAP mid-market move

Jim Schaper, the chief executive of business software consolidator
Infor hit out at rival SAP
over its plans to move into the mid-market.

SAP announced
that it was planning a move into the mid-market this week, prompting Schaper to
break cover and criticise the strategy.

‘One has to wonder is SAP truly understands the mid-market or whether this
strategy is solely an effort to detract attention from the slowing growth of
their Fortune 500 base,’ Schaper said.

He said medium-sized businesses did not want all-in-one products that
required customisation efforts.

‘That approach is a relic of the past, when
implementations were akin to corporate open heart surgery,’ said Schaper.
‘The bottom line is that customers want more functionality, less complexity and
the lowest total cost of ownership. That is not what we see from SAP.’

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