Government consultants not ‘value for money’ says NAO

national audit office

The government still has some way to go before it achieves good value for
money from
, according to the
National Audit

Revealing that the government had spent £1.8bn on consultants in 2005/2006,
it found it was impossible to make an accurate judgment on the benefits of
consultants as departments ‘rarely collect any information on what has been

‘It can be hard to identify useful measures that are suitable for all types
of projects and attributing cause and effect is not always easy, even where
performance has improved,’ the report stated.

Consultants had helped to give great benefit in certain projects but better
value for money could be achieved. Departments had also failed to implement good
practice guidelines published in 2002 by the Committee of Public Accounts.

Better tendering processes and post-project reviews were required, according
to the report.

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