Taking Stock – Deloittes staff act the part.

Times are tough for actors these days. It seems that instead of resorting to TV commercials and the odd local theatre play to maintain their incomes, professional actors are having to sully themselves by turning to the grubby world of business. Darling. Big Five firm Deloitte & Touche has enlisted Steps, a drama-based training company, to help its tax department’s junior managers to develop negotiating skills. Steps’ programme has been underway since autumn 1998 and according to Peter Walker, training manager with Deloitte & Touche’s national tax training team, it has been very successful. Participants think up real-life situations where they have experienced difficulties in dealing with clients, other members of staff or a partner in the firm. Steps’ actors simulate realistic scenarios in the form of role-plays allowing participants to play themselves. ‘The aim of the programme is to teach participants how to differentiate between the various power styles and how to achieve their goals with positive results for both parties involved,’ said Richard Wilkes, Steps’ programme coordinator and professional actor. Power styles? TS didn’t understand what he meant. So we asked one of the actors. ‘It’s about learning to give all of yourself unto others. Opening up and putting your ID on show. Getting the client to see the real me, if you will.’ At that point we made our excuses and left. ?:

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