EU auditors question Balkans projects

Link: Auditors find ‘weaknesses’ in EU accounts

The European Union’s auditors have raised serious questions over the administration of its own reconstruction projects in the Balkans.

A report to be discussed by the European parliament later today claims that a fifth of the contracts signed by the European Agency for Reconstruction in 2003 have ‘anomalies’ – another blow to the Union’s reputation for financial management.

According to the Financial Times, the Court of Auditors’ report, questions Euros 21.4m (£14.94m) of spending in 2003 and says that one in five contracts examined was plagued by ‘procedural anomalies’ that may have favoured certain bidders.

It added that the accounts ‘do not present a true and fair view of the agency’s actual economic and financial situation’.

German prosecutors are already investigating allegations that companies bribed an EAR employee to win a Euros 49.8m (£34.8m) tender in 2002.

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