Help needed for money laundering survey

The call to firms to take part came from Andersen’s fraud and integrity risk group and the University of Leicester’s Scarman Centre, who will be carrying out the study.

The study comes as concerns over the abuse of financial systems for laundering the huge profits generated by organised crime gangs, continues to rise.

A great deal of progress has been made around the world with the implementation of strategies to counteract money laundering by many countries and their law enforcement bodies.

The aim of the study is to improve understanding of what companies perceive to be the main threats, and how they can best respond to this risk.

Paul Doxey, a partner in Andersen’s fraud and integrity risk group, said: ‘Money laundering is a continual threat to the reputation and integrity of the financial system. Many of the innovations that have improved the efficiency of the financial services industry have also made it easier for criminals to launder funds.’

He continued: ‘The study will focus on the impact of technology on both the risk of money laundering and on the tools available to help institutions defend themselves.’

The results of the study will be reported at the end of the year. Interested parties should contact Doxey on 020 7438 3912.


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