Anger at IR35 persists, author claims

A new booklet IR35: A Guide for Contractors claims IR35 is the ‘single most live issue among finance professionals’ and argues that the ‘weight of protest has grown rather than abated’.

According to the author, finance professionals, which includes accountants, reject the double taxation implications, which ‘lies at the heart’ of IR35 and regard the legislation as an attack on ‘liberty’.

He goes on to say: ‘[The legislation] goes against all tenets of fairness and equity in the taxation system.

The publication of Bob Reynold’s booklet comes as the Professional Contractors Group prepares to battle the Revenue once again over the tax policy, for which payments have been due since April 2001.

This time it takes place in the Court of Appeal in November, after an earlier judicial review in April found in favour of the Revenue on all counts.

The PCG spokesperson Susie Hughes has told it has a good case and will take the case to the European Court of Justice if this appeal face.

Nevertheless, Reynolds warns: ‘IR35, which was so vehemently attacked’ must now be ‘calculated and paid’

IR35: A Guide for Contractors includes an explanation of the scope of the measure, factors to be considered by contractors, and what needs to be done to ensure they comply fully. is running an extract of the book here. There are also details of how to order a copy of the book.

In addition, the High Court judicial review, which ruled against the PCG in April this year and other objections, are also analysed.


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