Grant Thornton assists liquidation of Lapland

Grant Thornton has been instructed to assist Lapland New Forest, the winter
wonderland theme park, with liquidation proceedings.

Kevin Hellard and Trevor O’Sullivan from Grant Thornton have arranged for the
creditor meeting on 16 February 2009 where a liquidator will be appointed
following a request from Lapland director Victor Mears.

Hellard said: ‘We are currently working with the director of Lapland New
Forest Limited to safeguard the assets. In the company’s short trading period
ticket sales generated in excess of £1m of income. The Liquidator will need to
fully review the company’s trading activities.’

Following media coverage and a catalogue of complaints the company closed the
site on 4 December 2008 due to banking facilities withdrawing from the company
and Lapland no longer able to fulfill its commitments.

Creditors which include disgruntled customers seeking a refund, and customers
who had paid in advance and claiming the money back are requested to contact
Grant Thornton before the creditors meeting via post.

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