Top FDs not rushing to join Olympic bid

Link: David Leather profile

The former finance director of the Manchester Commonwealth Games, David Leather, has already ruled himself out of applying for the same position on the bid committee.

Leather, currently finance director of Manchester Airport, admitted the job does not appeal to him. ‘It is not a very big job,’ he said. Should the bid be successful, however, Leather has admitted that it would be ‘a different kettle of fish’.

Recruitment firm Hanover Fox has said the package of £75,000 could be considered too small, but the number of finance directors out of work could result in a suitable candidate being placed.

Contracts for the bid run until Autumn 2005 and if London wins, an organising committee will be established for the preparation and running of the games. This will involve a separate recruitment process and the stakes could well be much higher.

‘The organising committee will be a separate entity from the bid committee,’ said a spokesman for the British Olympic Committee. ‘These two years are all about selling London and if we win, the next seven will be taken up with organising the games. It is a completely different process.’

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