Clients left wanting as accountants stranded.

While many accountants remained unscathed by the extensive flooding others found themselves having to put in place emergency measures to keep working.

Ian Smith, managing partner of Worcester-based Rabjohns revealed his firm had initiated home working so staff could continue serving clients.

‘It’s been fairly horrific. The floods have affected our staff in getting to work. But, we’ve managed to kit people out so they can work from their homes,’ he said.

In Mold, mid Wales, JDH Business Services had begun to miss client meetings.

‘The main entrances and exits into Mold have been flooded since this morning. We’ve had lifeboats going up the high street,’ said John Henry, director of the firm.

While rainfall beat all records, the majority of the UK’s chartered accountants remained largely unaffected.

However, the impact of the current bad weather will reduce GDP in Q4 this year by around £1.5bn or 0.5%, according to BDO Stoy Hayward.

The army was forced to take action in York, where this picture was taken in River Street, to protect communities from the worst of the flooding.

Renowned for their cautious nature, many of the firms in York, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone were located on a hill or far from the flood plain and escaped the encroaching waters.

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