Students win second chance after papers disappear

Link: Institute exams to test on global rules

The loss of the exam papers has prompted ACCA to involve the police as it attempts to get to the bottom of the disappearance. The missing papers, which were completed at an examination in Wembley in June, have not been traced since they disappeared in transit. The students must resit the exam on Saturday, after being offered a revision course last weekend to help them prepare.

Mark Protherough, executive director of education and training at ACCA, said that no system could be 100% foolproof. ‘We very much regret that these students have to resit. We have, however, tried to minimise the disruption to their studies and to alleviate their stress,’ he said.

By way of compensation, ACCA has offered the 30 students three years’ worth of free subscriptions to ACCA, reimbursement of the cost of the study books, free study material for up to five papers, reimbursement of the costs for the exam in question and a relaxation of exam entry options. ACCA said a review of exam procedures and the use of couriers was already under way.

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