Indian tax dodgers paying up after visit from eunuchs

Tax chiefs in India are waging war against errant payers by recruiting
eunuchs to collect arrears.

The hardline move has been trialled in
Patna, a region
of Bihar, the country’s
poorest state with positive results because of the stigma associated with

Repeat defaulters have been quick to pay up after the castrated men,
hermaphrodites and transsexuals have descended on their properties and chanted
hard-hitting tax slogans such as:’Your reputation will be tarnished, fame would
be malice, if you do not pay your tax your house would be auctioned.’

One businessman was so humiliated by the dancing enforcers that he promised
to pay up his arrears of 100,000 rupees(£1,180) within a week. The
themselves are in line for a handsome reward after collecting 400,000 rupees in
a single day for the government- at a commission of 4% for themselves.

The drastic scheme was conceived because only 4% of the India’s 1.1bn
population make contributions to the tax purse.

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