SAP acts on clogged databases

Financial software giant SAP is testing new software that is aimed at
resolving claims that its systems were failing to run properly.

SAP has responded to concerns that clogged-up databases were dramatically
reducing the efficiency of its software system. SAP has acknowledged the problem
and is now testing a new package ‘Business By Design’.

The problems stem from customers not being able to ‘archive’ data and,
instead having to back up data on local servers which is clogging up systems.

SAP currently does not provide any archiving function and customers are
forced to seek third-party suppliers.

John Schwarz, executive board member at SAP, revealed the new package was
being trailed just days after a report highlighted 60% of SAP customers did not
archive data causing poor system performance.

‘We hope to be able to host the entire operation for businesses which will
include archiving’ said Schwarz.

He added: ‘Business By Design is currently released on a test basis to around
70 clients.’

If all goes to plan the company will launch the package later this year.

Macro 4, a partner of SAP, looked at 122 databases and found that up to 70%
of the information stored on local drives could be removed and was causing
slower response times as well as timing out of SAP software.

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