Institutes – English ICA to unveil revamp plan

The English ICA’s ruling council has finalised its long-awaited ‘Strategy for the start of the 21st century’ and is set to begin introducing the document to its network of faculties, societies, committees and boards.

Aimed at providing a blueprint for modernisation and improving communication with members, the strategy has previously been dogged by controversy.

Its planned publication in April was delayed at the last minute after district societies, concerned at proposals designed to make them self-funding, provoked a last-minute council rebellion.

The new strategy has been modified in an effort to appease representatives of the societies and other institute bodies who had expressed misgivings about the reforms.

Nevertheless, it includes radical proposals to modify the way district societies are run and financed.

The General Practitioners Board and the Board for Chartered Accountants in Business will be replaced by ‘member focuses’, and be complemented by new focuses which will be initially aimed at younger members and those overseas.

Changes in the way the institute is financed and managed are also included, along with plans to increase the use of technology for member communications.

Secretary-general John Collier said it was time to bite the bullet and put some of the changes needed in place as quickly as could sensibly be achieved.

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