Taking Stock – Staff lack role model to show them how to dress for

It seems the switch to casual dress at Big Five firm Arthur Andersen may not have been as smooth as it would appear. In fact there was some initial consternation among employees about exactly what they should be wearing – after all the phrase ‘business casual’ is not exactly precise or easily defined – and the timing of the event was not exactly welcome. Indeed, some felt a little forewarning would not have gone amiss. Coming as it did just after the January sales, many at Andersens had invested in brand new suits just as the company was going ‘casual’. More frustration arose over just how casual staff could be. Struggling for a definition one team leader, in exasperation, was overheard saying: ‘Dress like the Belgians!’ And just how do our Lowland chums dress? Perhaps Jean Claude van Damme could give some sartorial hints, or short of well-known Belgians to use as role models, staff might have to turn to fiction. Hercule Poirot is a possibility but he’s far too formal. Tin Tin, however, turns out very smartly in knee britches and pullover. And if the casuals at Andersens really want to go to town they could get little white dogs and blonde quiffs too.

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