Skull of missing Glasgow accountant found

The skull of missing Glasgow accountant, Andrew Ramsay, has been found in
the Firth of Clyde.

Police confirmed the skull was that of Ramsay, who was last seen on February
22 last year, when he was allegedly abducted from outside his home in Cardonald.

The 51-year-old was handcuffed and thrown into a car by two men claiming to
be police officers, the BBC reported.

It emerged later that Ramsay was due to appear in court as a witness in a
criminal trial.

Ramsay’s relatives have been informed of the find.

revealed at a press conference today that Ramsay’s skull was in fact
hauled out of the Firth of Clyde by a fishing vessel on April 5.

Police went through a process of identifying the remains and confirmed they
are those of the missing accountant.

While police enquiry came to a close 15 months after the alleged abduction,
efforts to find Ramsay’s killers will begin afresh based on the new evidence.

Detective Supt William Prendergast of Strathclyde said there were many
questions still to be answered about what happened to Ramsay. But he said police
were not necessarily treating the case as murder at this stage, the BBC

‘I could not stand in front of you and say that the crime we are
investigating here is murder,’ said Prendergast.

‘What I will say is that it is certainly an unexplained death and I am really
very keen to find out what exactly has taken place to build up a picture so that
we can bring closure to this inquiry.’

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