Software – Peoplesoft’s 7.5 starts shipping

Peoplesoft will today launch version 7.5 of its applications suite in Europe.

The product, which was outlined in September, boasts Europe-specific features, including European Payroll, with multi-language and multi-currency support for France, Germany and the UK, and additional Emu functionality.

It will include the Latin accounting model, which is used on mainland Europe, with the Anglo-Saxon version (UK and US model), effectively allowing global companies with European subsidiaries to use the same system.

To date, the company primarily sold its flagship human resources applications throughout Europe. Now, though, it believes its accounting and manufacturing products are sufficiently Europeanised. The distribution and manufacturing modules of version 7.5 are a direct bid to compete with SAP and Baan on their home turf, according to Peoplesoft.

The product is still in the final stages of testing and will not ship until the end of the second quarter.

Peoplesoft announced also that both BT and insurance giant Willis Corroon have chosen its human resource systems for both the UK and the US. Willis Corroon’s Peoplesoft system will replace one supplied by MDIS.

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