Demand for specialist training at all-time high

Specialist and technical training courses are in greater demand than ever
before among accountants fulfilling their requirements in continuous
professional development, according to accountancy trainers.

Si Hussain, chief executive of professional development at BPP, said: ‘While
classic update programmes such as UK GAAP, IFRS, US GAAP and taxation remain
popular, we have seen a noticeable increase in demand for more specialist
training, such as corporate finance for SMEs, strategic management accounting,
LLPs, accounting and finance in the not-for-profit sector, principally charities
and government departments.’

The development of a new set of accounting standards is also driving the
demand for training. Hussain said: ‘We are seeing a marked increase in demand
for more targeted and in-depth technical training of particular standards, such
as financial instruments, accounting and reporting, and deferred taxation
accounting under IFRS’.

Accountants embracing CPD are also asking for a broader range of skills.
So-called soft skills, such as interviewing techniques and managing diversity in
the workplace, are also increasing in popularity.

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