World Trade Centre fund launched

Founders claim the fund had been set up to help those in need in New York and Washington and to help those who suffer in similar tragedies.

‘The very close relationships both commercial and personal, between those who work in the financial services industry in the United Kingdom and the United States, mean that the effects of this atrocity are felt as closely in this country as they are across the Atlantic,’ said Sir Edward George, governor of the Bank of England and a trustee of the new fund.

Other trustees behind the move are Lord Levene, vice chairman of Deutsche Bank and chairman of IFSL and a former Lord Mayor of London and Peter Mimpriss, a senior partner at law firm Allen and Overy.

Simon Gillespie, director of operations at the Charity Commission, said the tragic events in the US had prompted swift action from the government body, which exists to give public confidence in the integrity of charity.

‘The Commission has acted quickly in registering this charity to ensure much needed assistance can be given as soon as possible,’ he said.


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