The week in review from Taking Stock

We know that April Fool’s jokes after midday makes us the fool, but TS has been fighting against that stigma most of our life. Nevertheless, we managed to persuade the Accy Age webmaster that we had a burning exclusive we needed to share with the world this afternoon.

Instead, we’re hijacking the top story slot and using it as a shameless plug for our new blog. Ha!

Link: Taking Stock blog

Since it is Friday afternoon, and like TS, you’re probably not doing much work, why not kick back and have a look through some of the more quirky things that have gone on in the world of accountancy this week.

Accountants aren’t averse to playing the odd April Fool joke themselves it seems, with both CODA/CIMA and Chantrey Vellacott trying to pull the wool over TS’s eyes today. But we’re having none of it.

IFRS is obviously having a huge impact on a massive number of companies this year, not that this bothers TS or indeed the Unilev er FD.

There have been some funny goings on in footba ll finances over the last few days. TS suspects skulduggery somewhere, unless the lawyers come a’knocking. In which case we wholeheartedly applaud the actions of all involved.

The saviour of under pressure husbands and boyfriends everywhere,, got a new FD this week, although some of the comments made by the company might have employees going through the mill.

All this typing has made TS thirsty, and with the Star & Garter calling, we will bid you farewell. We have quite enjoyed it though. We might even try and do it again next week.

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