PwC launches online VAT service

The new site, provides free daily news summaries on the latest VAT developments around the world together with information on VAT events and access to over 1000 advisers from the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global VAT team.

It also offers a subscription service for finance directors and tax professionals needing more in-depth information and analysis of overseas VAT regulations. The subscripition service has details on VAT rules and rates in over 70 countries, including all the world’s major trading nations, together with live links to worldwide VAT authority websites.

Director of GlobalVatOnLine Patrick Walker, explained: ‘Our aim was to collect key VAT data from around the world and present it in one place in an easily accessible manner. Over 120 countries now have a VAT system and the number continues to rise.

‘VAT regimes in the world are very different and highly complex. Even in Europe, where VAT is well-established, we are years away from harmonised rules. GlobalVatOnLine will be an essential reference tool for companies trading around the world.’


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