Taking Stock – How to succeed and influence golfers.

Self-confidence has been a major factor in the success of many high-flyers. Indeed, a myriad of over-achievers say a belief in one’s abilities often goes much further than the skills and competencies learned.

But, there is a fine line between self-confidence and over-confidence that is easily crossed to one’s detriment.

A touch of over-confidence could be said to have been the downfall for one of the contestants at this year’s Accountancy Age Masters 2000 golf tournament at the Belfry.

On the eve of the finals the regional winners had gathered to dine and discuss their handicaps, successful hooks and slices.

To the amusement one of the contestants whipped out his winner’s acceptance speech. He even began reciting excerpts using his fellow diners as sounding boards so confident he was in his abilities. One front-runner had other ideas, however. Instead of becoming despondent at the over-abundant confidence demonstrated by his fellow contestant, he was inspired to win. Golf victor Simon Knee was able to stand up and accept his prize proudly with an ad hoc speech – no preparation necessary.

Still if he ever needs a speech TS knows of one that is yet to be aired.

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