Porsche Boxster holds its value

Link: Fleet motor insurance survey

The survey, which looked at 97,000 fleet cars, found that the Porsche Boxster, which costs around £32,000, was still worth £18,000 three years later, retaining 57% of its value, according to Lex Vehicle Leasing.

Not far behind were the traditional depreciating-beating Mercedes Benz sports models, in this case the Mercedes CLK and SLK, while the highest new entry was the Volvo XC90.

Others making up the list include the Beetle Convertible, the re-styled Polo and the Mercedes Benz E-class.

Those to drop off the list included the Audi TT, Jaguar X-Type and the BMW 3 Series.

‘The Porsche maintains its desirability in the second hand market; despite the earliest examples dating back to 1996, nothing else can offer that combination of stunning good looks, super-car badge and Teutonic reliability,’ said Steve Jones, pricing manager at Lex.

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