Seagate Software Survey – Four out of five IT projects late or over

Four out of every five IT projects are delivered late or over budget, according to finance and IT directors in the UK and France. The figures came out of a survey that followed a seminar series for finance and IT directors sponsored by business intelligence software solution provider Seagate Software, which said companies must improve the value they get from IT investment. Almost half of IT directors said their company had cancelled IT projects and the report found 80% of other technology-related initiatives had either been delivered late or over budget. ‘It is clear that the IT vendor community is not communicating effectively with the end-user world,’ said Seagate Software European strategy director Donald MacCormick. The survey found UK FDs blame time-consuming implementations and the reluctance of employees to adopt new technology for the difficulties. However, it also found that finance and IT departments were working more closely together than ever before. Almost 90% of UK respondents described relations between the two departments as ‘satisfactory’ or ‘excellent’. Some IT directors felt IT should have direct board representation, as did some finance directors.

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