SOFTWORLD SPECIAL – Great Plains targets small practices.

Microsoft Great Plains is set to embark on a campaign to boost its presence in the accountancy software market and may begin talking directly to accountants next year.

At Softworld 2001, the company said it was looking to boost its profile and increase its market share in the UK as part of its new strategy of acting globally instead of being a US-led operation.

It also revealed it is set to launch two products, Small Business Manager – aimed at the lower end of the market – and Business Desk, an application planned for release next July which will use its .net technology.

A spokesman said: ‘The products will be sold through our reseller channel and will be aimed at companies with 25 to 50 staff. Our aim is to create a wider presence in this market but our strategy has not yet been completed.

At the moment we don’t talk to accountants. We will be deciding next year whether this will change and believe the product will be a creditable alternative to what is currently available in the market. However we will not lose our focus in the mid-market.’

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