NAO finds delays with defence projects

Link: More misery for MoD over accounts

Out of the 20 projects the public audit watchdog looked at, 14 of them were behind schedule of over-budget.

As a result the Armed Forces are having to put up with ageing equipment because the new systems that they have been promised are years behind schedule.

One aircraft project, the Nimrod MRA4 maritime reconnaissance and attack aircraft, which has an anti-submarine role and costs more than £ 2.8bn, was found to be 31 months behind schedule, the report said.

In another case, the in-service date for the RAF’s new £840m air-launched anti-armour Brimstone weapon has been put back by 13 months.

The NAO did, however, say that the MoD’s ‘smart acquisition’ policy had introduced better controls, reducing the overall cost of its 20 biggest projects for the third successive year.

Last month MoD accounts were qualified for the fifth year running after the NAO was unable to confirm some figures in the operating cost statement in respect of consumption charges for certain stocks and fixed assets.

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