ACCA loses new chief

Rose and Hind issued a joint statement last month revealing he would not after all be joining the institute and would remain in his position as finance director at the BBC’s World Service.

But the institute this week added it will now start its global search from afresh, expecting a similar number of applicants to the 100 plus it received during the last search.

An ACCA spokesman said: ‘We are not expecting to have our new chief executive on board until late October or November at the earliest. That would be a reasonable time to complete our interviews with candidates from around the world, select a successful candidate and have them finish their notice period.’

Rose told Accountancy Age she was ‘happy’ to remain at the helm of the institute after her proposed successor withdrew from taking over the post.

But the unexpected collapse of Hind’s move means she has now had her retirement put back three times.

Originally Rose was going to leave last September, but delays in the selection process put her leaving date back to December. She was then expected to make way for Hind this May, after the institute’s agm, but is now not likely to leave until the end of the year.

Hind pulled out of the £150,000 a year job after failing to agree contractual terms with the institute. It is now expected ACCA will review the wage value of the position before advertising it again.

Rose has admitted she is still not certain what she will do when she does finally manage to retire.

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