Accountant seeks damages from OECD

Marta Andreasen, who was appointed head of the accounting division in October 1998, claims her human rights were violated as she was not given a ‘fair trial’ after being suspended following allegations of racism and that she raised ‘undue doubts’ and unsupported ‘alarmist allegations’ in relation to OECD accounts.

Andreasen claims allegations against her emerged only after she had raised concerns about the accounts. She is seeking damages and recognition from the OECD that the allegations are without foundation.

The OECD admits its accounting system was ‘archaic’ and in urgent need of reform but denies Andreasen’s suspension only came as a result of the concerns she raised.

Arthur Andersen was called in to investigate claims made by Andreasen.

She says a first draft issued in November 1999 supported her allegations while the OECD maintains the Dutch authors of the report misunderstood the word ‘misappropriation’ when writing in English.

A second draft supports the organisation’s contention that there is no missing money, according to an OECD spokesman. The OECD claims it has ‘conclusive evidence’ she misrepresented her CV, and says Andreasen has not yet exhausted the organisation’s own internal appeals procedure.

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